MAKE SURE YOU VOTE Tuesday, November 4, 2014 Your way of life depends on you doing so.

Here is a link to a sample ballot for Laclede County and tomorrow’s election. Please read it over. Research the questions your not sure about. Be ready tomorrow to vote for the future of the U.S.

If you live in a different county a sample ballot is easy to find on the Internet. Just search for XXXXXX County, Your State sample ballot.

There has never been a need for people to be aware of what is at stake with an election like there is for tomorrow, Tuesday. Never in the history of the U.S.
has their been an administration like the one we have today that refuses to follow the law, makes its own laws, openly supports our enemies, refuses to protect our
borders, discriminates against those that work, supports those that do not, disperses illegal immigrants all over our country without a means to find them and without communication with the receiving communities, without communications with
the agencies that will have to support those people, and, without the consent of the governed.

There has never been and administration that has no regard for the Constitution or
its sworn duty to preserve, protect and defend it from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Never have we had a Congress made up of so many public servants that
treat the oath of office to which they swore to God that they would honor with such abuse.

There is no way we can trust, or should trust people that cannot honor a sacred oath
taken before God and the People. If they have lied to God and to us by refusing to
honor their oaths of office we surely cannot expect them to do the jobs we elected them to do.

Do not elect, or reelect anyone that has not proven that they fully support the Constitution and will/have always do/done so. We the People must exact term
limits on those we elect so that no-one ever has a career in public office again. Career politicians are dangerous in that they can be bought by special interest groups to subscribe to their interests instead of to the public good. They also become more and more progressive the longer they are in office and begin to feel entitled to be there and entitled to take any personal benefits they can garner. That progressive attitude becomes overpowering and then it is the only thing they care about, perpetuating their own careers. They lose all connection with their duties and responsibilities and become servants unto themselves. OUR country loses big time when that happens. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are two examples and John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are two others. There are many many more that must be voted out of office in order to turn America around and bring her back to the Constitution.

We each must help get this done by voting responsibly for those that are strict constitutionalists that want to turn America around and are strong enough to do what is right instead of what some party leader tells them to do.

Get’er Done!

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