Where Do Your Candidates Stand on Liberty Issues?

You probably received this email, but, in case you didn’t, here it is. This is a good tool
for seeing where candidates stand on the issues listed in the email below. These topics,
and the responses candidates make concerning them can, if your candidates answer the
questions, show you how they stand on these topics.

Elect new candidates that are strict Constitutionalists and inform them up front that
they are only to serve one term and then return home and resume their lives before
public service. The Constitution does not provide for reelections. The 17th amendment
uses the word “shall” to show that two Senators shall be elected by the People of each
State, to serve for six years. That is a definite statement with no exceptions permitted.

Politicians use the excuse that the Constitution does not forbid reelection. That is not
true as the use of the word “shall” shows you. Our government does not recognize the
use of the word “shall” today, but, at the time the Framers constructed our Constitution
“shall” was used as I have described. Since the Constitution is not a living document
and must, therefore, stay as it was written and has been legally amended in accordance
with the method provided by the Framers within the Constitution. The only way an
amendment/change can be made.

In case you haven’t noticed, the enemy is within our government and within our populace.
Our open borders are allowing our enemies and their many different agenda to just
walk right in and make themselves at home. Included in those groups are members
ISIS/ISIL. This because border guards have apprehended several of them indicating that
there surely have been others that they did not catch. Thinking about how many could
come here is scary.

U.S. Generals, retired and active have warned that if Ebola spreads to Central America
the influx of people coming across the border will increase exponentially and along with
the influx of people with Ebola. One person with Ebola who is free to travel amongst
us for several days before being identified as infected could well cause hundreds, if not
thousands of people to be infected. Just imagine the domino effect that can take place
because of one infected person. IF those thousands go undetected until their infection
is obvious your looking at millions more possible infections.

The World Health Organization (WHO) now reports that the Ebola virus can appear
anytime within 42 days for some strains, vice 21 days as currently being reported.
Also, they now know that if an infected person sneezes on things that others touch
within so many hours afterwards those persons can be infected by touching them.
Currently all opinions that talk of aerial transmission are said to be wrong. Yet, you
can find reports by scientist who have worked with this virus for years that say the
virus can be spread by micro-droplets in the air.

There are recent reports of the fact that receptors for the virus already exist in our
lung tissue and if exposed to those droplets we can be infected through breathing
in the droplets. So, don’t believe everything you hear and only half of what you
see but for God’s sake, keep looking and listening.

What do you bet that we see those who have been exposed being herded into FEMA
camps and isolated from the rest of us, whether they like it or not. I wouldn’t be
surprised to see people that are not suspect of Ebola infection being confined as
well expecting them to become infected and die. No ovens, just a quick and deadly
virus. Remember NDAA and the power to arrest and detain people without
cause, no charges, no lawyers, no phone calls, no day in court, no trial by jury,
nada, never to be heard from again.

Standby for the Obama years after the elections. You haven’t seen anything yet.
Keep your guns and ammunition no matter what. No-one has the right or power
to take them away from you, no-one! If we are not armed and able to resist tyranny,
we will be slaves….period!

God Bless the Constitution and those that are fighting to preserve, protect and defend
it from all enemies, both foreign and domestic!

God Bless America!

Joseph D. Hollinger

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