House tells Obama “NO” on His Insane Plan to give $Millions in free gifts to illegals. Hot Dog!

via Conservative Tribune

BREAKING: House Tells Obama “NO” on His Insane Plan

The House of Representatives told Obama “NO” regarding his request for almost $4 billion to deal with the border crisis, saying it won’t secure the border.

Remember, do not reelect anyone in 2014 and beyond. One term and back home to take up the lives they left in order to serve. Just like the framers intended.

We must impose term limits at the polls. Getting Congress to pass laws limiting their terms would be finding teeth in a turkey….impossible. Please do some serious thinking about the benefits to America and our future that limiting terms to one only in a lifetime would bring.

The biggest benefit would be no more anything having to do with reelections. No campaigns. No kissing up to constituents once every election cycle in order to stay in office and continue to abuse that office, and the trust of constituents, to further their illicit gains of power, influence and money.

No more political agenda. No more super party leadership. No more powerful and rich party leadership organizations. No more establishment politicians in either party. No more Congress being in sessions for most of the year. Members of the House and Senate spending more time in their district offices than they do in Washington, D.C. where constituents can meet with them and discuss matters that concern them. Where members of the House and Senate can provide hands-on help to their constituents in getting things that matter to their communities resolved to the benefit of all.

Sound good? We can get all those benefits simply by refusing to reelect anyone having served one term. We must depose every single establishment politician both Republican and Democrat. We must elect candidates that will honor their oaths of office without question, always. Right now, there are several conservative members of the House and Senate that honor their oaths and work hard to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and preserve the American way of life. WE should consider their reelection in 2014 but not beyond. They, if elected, would be valuable assets in getting government organized to run with one term members to include the President and Vice-President.

One term means that every two years we would have a House comprised of all new members and new members filling one-third of the seats in the Senate. Wouldn’t this be great? Corruption gone. No more expensive perks. No more pork. No more worries of reelection to cloud the decision makers thinking and dedication to the tasks to be performed by the office they hold.

This would be so great and so beneficial to America it is not funny. Help make this happen, okay? Thanks!

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