“This is insulting to women.” Is it?

I just received the following email in which I am asked to sign a petition supporting
Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of a new bill that will make women wait three full days
(72 hours) before being allowed to have an abortion.

Nixon said he vetoed the bill because it is “insulting to women” and showing
a “callous disregard” for victims of rape and incest.

I see another side to the 72-hour waiting period. I see a woman having three
days to seriously consider what they are waiting to do and be sure ending the
life newly started and never getting to know the child that life would become
before it had a chance to develop, is what they really want to do.

If, after waiting three days, the woman still wants to have an abortion she can
do so.

I will not sign the petition. I hope you will not either. A woman should be
required to seriously consider the act she is considering and what the actual
consequences of that act will be. One of the Ten Commandments is “Thou
shalt not murder.” Each woman contemplating an abortion should consider
this along with other points and consequences of the act they have applied
to commit.

Call your state representatives in the House and Senate and tell them you want
them to support overthrow of Governor Nixon’s veto and require a 72-hour
waiting period prior to an abortion.

God Bless America,
Joseph D. Hollinger

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