Michelle wants you to sign her petition to Home Depot to get them to ban firearms in their stores. Tell her to go to Hell!

This Duddly Dorighter wants you sign her petition to get Home Depot to ban firearms in their stores. I heartily hope you won’t even consider doing such a dumb thing. If you take the time to keep up to date on news from reliable sources, such as FoxNews and several radio stations that strive to tell the truth land show both sides of stories.

Home Depot or no other entity, including Federal and State governments, has the right to limit or take away rights given us by God through those wise men he selected to be the Framers of our independence from the tyranny of the King of England. These dedicated patriots suffered many hardships and personal deprivations while working hard to build the foundation of a free nation for a free people including a system of laws that, if followed in accordance with the Constitution as it was originally written and has been legally amended, would keep our nation free.

The Framers knew that because men are weak when faced by temptations on a daily basis that will benefit them, both in power and wealth, with no penalties for abuse thereof, that they would eventually fall to those temptations. They also knew that when those elected persons did fall, they would be consumed with perpetuating those benefits and would lose all sense of responsibility for upholding their oaths of office and representing their constituents interests. When that happens those that have fallen to temptation are said to have run amok of the Constitution and become liabilities to our Republican form of government.

Because of this possibility the Framers added the Second Amendment to the Constitution/Bill of Rights. Although their is always the possibility of an attack by a foreign country and or a radical group within the U.S., but, the real reason for the Second Amendment is to insure that the Constitution is preserved, protected and defended from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. When elected officials who are supposed to be working to provide for the stated needs of their constituents, and no more. There are not supposed to be lobbyist groups or other special interest groups. Not major corporations that run the Republican and the Democratic parties and manage millions upon millions of dollars and use them to select candidates that the voters are told will be their candidates on the ballots. Not supposed to be that way. The people are supposed to select the people they want to be candidates, not some self-important entity that has become far too powerful and influential.

The Framers attempted to insure that citizens were never disarmed for any reason, “shall not be infringed.” They knew that citizens would have to use their arms and ammunition to depose their government run amok with power and self-serving interests. People elected in good faith to represent them as their government, fallen to serving their own interests over those of their country and their countrymen. Those now a risk to the sovereignty of the United States because of their greed and feeling of superiority over the rest of us. The feeling that they deserve to be ruling over the little guys because of their station in life.

Instead of having a civil war erupt in order to save our government and our country from government run amok, lets try a peaceful process that if everyone dedicates themselves to following the plan, will work to severely reduce the size of government and prevent the building of individual, and party empires that prevent the Constitution from serving the needs of our country and protecting our freedom and liberty. Lets exact a plan that will get the job done without bloodshed.

WE MUST NOT REELECT ANYONE IN 2014, 2016, 2018 and ever more. There are a few that have proven that they honor their oaths and defend the Constitution such as Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, etc. who should be elected to be sure that new office holders get off on the right foot. By the time that the 2018 election cycle is completed we should have no-one in office that has served more than one term. The Constitution does not provide for a person having more than one term because they wanted someone elected to serve to return home and take up their lives they left in order to serve their one term.

Purging every member of the House and one-third of the Senate in 2014 would be the biggest step we can make to peacefully stop the Obama agenda to create a Socialist/Islamic country of the U.S.. A country where the people have no say in their government and government rules with an iron hand. If we don’t take drastic steps NOW we may not get another chance.

PLEASE do not reelect anyone in 2014 and keep all terms, including that of President, to one term only. From this point forward, NEVER reelect anyone to any office national, state and local.

God Bless America, she needs every blessing You can give her!

Joseph D. Hollinger

Joseph D.
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