Barack Hussein Obama: “We are not at war with Islam and We Never Will Be”. What does that say about what is happening today?

Barrack Hussein Obama said: The United States is not at war with Islam and will never be at war with Islam.

This should explain whey he takes no action against anything that will interfere with the creation of a caliphate in the United states wherein all non-believers will either convert to Islam or die. Take a look at what is happening in Iraq right now with the new and powerful army of radical Muslims taking over major cities in Iraq that the U.S. spent many years and many lives securing for the Iraqis so they could regain their independence.

The radical Muslims are moving into those major cities and exacting all their terrible atrocities on non-Muslin citizens,
beheading and maiming as they march. Will this come to the United States? Will the five Al Quida generals just released by Obama, from Guantanamo, Cuba, come to the U.S. from Mexico to lead attacks on Americans from within? OR, are Islamic leaders already in the U.S., trained in doing just that when the call to attack is given?

How many of those “children” crossing the Mexican border in ever increasing numbers are militant Muslims coming here to increase their forces for Jihad against Americans. How long are Americans going to let forces for use against them amass here without a complaint? I think Americans get more and more stupid and complacent every day. What the hell will it take to make the American people wake up and act to save our country before Muslims and Socialist take over and destroy all that our country has been?

The people we elected are not going to do what we elected them to do. They are not, and will not uphold the oaths of office they took. They are a bunch of gutless worms that think of nothing but continuing their memberships in the country club of elite progressive Socialists they have become.

We Are At War With Islam and we Will Continue to be at war with Islam until the bastards are ran out of America. We are also at war with establishment Republicans and Democrats that are selling America down the river towards destruction, domination and desolation.

Stop illegal immigration. Pack up those that are coming here and bus them back across the border and let Mexico care for them. Close the border before drug cartels can complete their migration across the border into America and bring more terror to our streets.

November, 2014, DO NOT REELECT ANYONE TO ANY OFFICE!! Except the few that demonstrate their loyalty to the Constitution and honor their oaths of office. From now on hold everyone elected to serving ONE TERM ONLY! That is if we ever have another election. Do not support Hillary Clinton for anything in any way!

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