Illegal Children Immigrants Are A Planned Means to The End of The United States

Please take note!

The Obama Agenda (in name only) is one towards an Islamic Caliphate being created in the United States. The initiative has already been started by the new Islamic Terrorist Group that is raising the country of Iran with untold violence against non-Muslims. People are being beheaded in the streets without a chance. This group is the most violent that has come forth ever. Their goal for the moment is creating a caliphate in the middle East where Islam is in total control of everyone and everything.

If they are not stopped, and they will not be if anyone depends on Obama and the United States to act, the horror will come to
America and it will be far more terrible than it is in Iraq. Muslims hate Americans and America followed by all other countries where there is freedom, starting with Israel, then England and then every other country where there is freedom and religions other than Islam.

STAND UP AND SCREAM make other listen to your warnings that
their lives, as they have known them will be coming to an end either by their denouncing Christian teachings and becoming
Muslim or bleeding to death in the streets. DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY. DO NOT SCOFF AT WHAT I AM SAYING. You do not
know if I am right or if I am wrong. Can you afford to label me as wrong and then have me be right? I think not!

You have surely heard about the problem involving the increasing numbers of unescorted illegal immigrant children coming into the U.S. in the thousands every single day. We do not have the physical or monetary resources needed to support this increase in immigrants that are being bussed to major cities and dumped upon the citizens thereof unannounced.

These people are bringing diseases with them that haven’t been a problem in the U.S. for years. Will we see a resurgence of infections from these diseases because of our being the kinds of people that we are, not wanting to see harm come to “innocent” children dumped in a strange place without parents?

People, are kindness and caring for others is going to be our downfall in this case. We should be standing shoulder to shoulder along the border and keeping these invaders out. It doesn’t matter if they are children. They represent danger to us and I don’t want to die, or lose my family to death or disease because I felt sorry for some kids that someone dumped into my country because we are too stupid to stand up and make the asshole
president we have do what he is supposed to do.

Anyway, in order for the Obama Agenda to work our economy must be destroyed. Poverty must rein for all but the super rich elites who stand to gain from the demise of freedom. Well, these illegal alien children are a big part of the plan. They and the burden they are putting on our country’s resources. Add to that the rampant increase in deadly diseases and/or diseases that require a lot of manpower and money to fight.

Add the cost of feeding and caring for these people and the parents that will be allowed to come here and be with their children. We are too damn caring to send the flock of them into Mexico and dump them off there and let Mexico handle the problem.

Then, how many of these so called children are Muslims in disguise? How many are trained killers and fighters who have had their minds poisoned against America and Americans and have been taught that coming here is their loyal duty and that when they are told they are to take up any weapons that they can find or devise and kill every American they can find?

Here comes the kicker. What have you heard about what will happen on July 1, 2014. What have you heard about the hit our financial system is going to take because of a law passed in 2010? Nothing I bet. You had better put your research shoes on and take a good hard look because you may become a pauper sooner than you
think could be possible.

Something that will add to the impact of the 2010 law are the continuing talks between Russia and China about dropping the U.S. dollar as the World’s reserve currency, used in all international commerce. If Russia and China drop the dollar, the dollar will become worthless overnight. Got it, your money, your savings, your investments, your 401ks, everything will be worthless. You will be a pauper, poor, broke, a street person with Muslims
chasing you trying to chop of your head for being a Christian.


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