Unconstitutional Rape!

Here’s something disgusting to add to the already large pile.

Unconstitutional rape. The Republican controlled House
has done such a good job of guarding the people’s purse
and the American people love it! Virtually every single
Republican up for reelection in the House with one or
two exceptions has won their primary and will go right
back to Washington, DC to continue draining the life
blood of this republic.

Now this: The definition of insanity is when you keep
doing the same thing over and over again expecting
different results.

Reelecting those that are selling us down the river
will do and say anything in order to maintain their
seats of power over us in our Congress.

The only hope America has is to refuse to reelect any
from either the Republican and Democratic establishments.
We must never reelect any of them again. We must not
elect any that they offer as candidates for our choosing.

We must not elect anyone that has not proven that they
will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution
against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. There
are but few in the Senate and the House that can meet
this criteria and they are conservatives.

WE can retake control of our government by refusing to
reelect anyone that has served multiple terms and
are members of the establishment Republican and
Democratic parties. That means we can empty the House
and fill it with 100 percent new members just as the
Framers wanted.

We can remove 33 Senators in 2014 and one-third more
every two years until we have replaced every one of them
with new members.

Then, most importantly, we have to prevent anyone from
ever having a career in Washington, D.C. again. This
includes the office of President. ONE TERM IN A LIFE

That will mean that we will no longer suffer under the
corruption that exists now. No more influence of special
interests and lobbyists. No more powerful party
establishments that work to control who runs for election
and who is eventually elected. No more pork. No more
career politicians getting so powerful and rich by
helping special interests advance their agenda. No more
protection for oil companies and their price controls.
No more protection for big pharma. No more protection
or exclusions for unions. Bye bye union power. Hello
government according to the Framer’s plan set up in

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