Birthright Citizenship is a magnet for illegal immigration-contact your Representative now-tell them to stop it!


People from other countries are getting passports
when they are nine months pregnant to come to
the United States and hope to give birth while
they are here so their baby is a U.S. citizen.

With their baby a U.S. citizen they can’t be thrown
out of the country and leave the baby here. So,
there are now two more immigrants that we should
not have. Then they have more children and the
problem gets worse. Then, the parents of each
of the wife and the husband come to visit and
overstay their visas and we have four more
immigrants totaling at least seven now, just
because a baby was born here.

Now Obama wants no more extraditions of
anyone. He wants the immigration department
to stop deporting people. He wants the border
patrol to stand down and stop arresting illegals.
In effect, that is the same as opening the borders
and letting everyone that wants to come here
and live off of our social systems designed to give
Americans a hand up when they need it.

Our social systems will be broke in short order and
then Obama will come after us to take what we
have in savings and use it for supporting these
parasites. Practice events have already been
conducted and they know how to hack our
bank accounts. They are waiting for the right
moment and when those pulling Obama’s
strings say the time is right to drain the savings
of working Americans, our money will be gone.

You have heard Pelosi say that they will take
our savings right from our accounts without
our permission. You have seen several accounts
of banks computer systems being hacked. You
have recently seen hundreds of thousands of
credit card accounts violated by hacking into
the accounts of large retailers. They are ready
to do this. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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