Its High Time Public Servants Were Just That, Servants to The,People, No-one else.

Why are American citizens not screaming at the people they elected to serve them and demanding that they stop everything else
they are doing and work on bringing Obama and his Administration under control?

WE the People are the ones that have to light fires under those supposed to be working for us, not against us. We the People are responsible for insuring that our country runs as the Framers designed it to run when they constructed the framework within the Constitution.

That framework is the foundation upon which our country was built and has been standing for over 200 years. Wouldn’t you think that the People that have been enjoying the fruits of the Framer’s hard work and dedication would be totally involved in their jobs of keeping those elected on course and honest? I would/do and you should as well. Our Civic Duty is to be watchdogs over those we elect. If they so something wrong it is our responsibility to let them know they did it and that we don’t like it, straighten up and fly right.

Should they chose not to listen to us then we should petition our governor and have them recalled from office, hold a special election to replace them and at the next regular election,
fill their position with someone we have made sure understands what they are to do and to whom they are to listen for direction. They must also understand that they do not work for party
leadership or special interest groups and if found doing so will be removed from office.

Its high time public servants were just that, servants to the People, no-one else. If we can hold them to that course we
can, over several years, fix the manifest other problems that self-serving people have created during their quest for more personal power and influence.

Please use the following link and check out the opinions you will find there.

God Bless America,
Joseph D. Hollinger

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