This State Just Told Common Core To Shove It! BUT, they did not include parental participation in future planning. Fight for change!

EEEEEEEEEEEHAWWWWWWWW! That’s Missouri. We have legislators with some nerve after all!

I don’t think they should have waited until the 2017-2018 school year to trash common core and implement
the new system which includes input from education leaders on the local level. (Where is parent/student input?)

They have omitted the most important thing. They have made no provisions for parents and children to
provide input as to what they want their schools to provide students.

Apparently, they have forgotten whose country and state Missouri just happens to be. They need to remember
that Missouri does not belong to government. It belongs to the People. Government has been empowered
by the consent of the governed. We the People work and provide the resources which government uses to
perform their duties as “public servants”.

The People elect “public servants” to represent their expressed interests in the halls of government.
Being elected is no magic ticket that allows “public servants” to think for us and get us what they think
we need. OH, NO, that is government control of the people and that is not how things work/

When government fears the people there is liberty. When the people fear government their is tyranny.
I will not stand for government oppression and fear of its recourse should I act differently than it directs.
I want those in government to fear the ire of their constituency and whatever other repercussions they
can imagine should they fail to represent us completely and faithfully by using the tools at their disposal
to have others in state government join them in satisfying the People.

The only role political parties should play is in the background and convincing voters that their ideology
is better than that of the other party. That’s it, no more! After candidates are elected party leadership
must back off and stay out of the picture letting those in office due their jobs satisfying constituents
to the best of their ability.

We must not allow anyone to serve more than one term as the founders intended. I will speak more
of this in a separate post. Let me give you a clue. It has to do with the proper use of English
grammar and the Constitution as it was written.

Mean time, call you state representative and senator and tell them you want the people of each
community “involved” in all decision making concerning the education of our children and building
America’s knowledge base. In case you haven’t noticed, the enemy within has caused us to lose
the knowledge base Americans were once proud of; a base that had us on top in technology,
science, and manufacturing. Oh, it has been happening over several decades in preparation for
the Obama takeover. Remember, every president, including Jimmy Carter and including Obama,
have been participants in the dumbing down of our society. They used the faith of Americans in
their government and the supposed character of those they elected to fairly and truthfully
represent them as their voices in Washington, D.C.. Fully expecting those people to honor their
oaths of office and do right by our country.

What did we get? A bunch of gutless wonders that follow orders from others than their constituents.
To make matters worse, those gutless wonders do not stand up and expose those that exert undue
pressure (coercion) on them using some sort of threats to make them comply with directions and
act in accordance with the demands of those holding their strings.

Where are the patriots of today? Where are U.S. citizens that swore to God to preserve, protect
and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic? Have we jellyfish
for “public servants”. I’ll answer that “YES”.

Will you stand with me and call your representative in the Missouri House and and the Missouri
Senate and tell them to get the wording of HB 1490 changed to include any local citizen that
wants to participate in the planning of the educational methods and resources that will be used
to teach their children. Our most precious natural resource.

Please be advised, and check your World History notes, that dictatorial leaders have taken
children from their parents before and most never came back because government poisoned
the children’s minds against parental influences and replaced parents with government through
constant indoctrination and intolerance to failure of indoctrination. Children were used to report
parents to government for suspicious behavior at home. Suspects were arrested and most never
heard from again (FEMA Camps).

Their are those in our government and those that pull their strings that do not feel that are children
belong to us and should not be raised by parents, but by government. Better keep your eyes and
ears open.

Pay little attention to what you see on news programs, in newspapers, in blogs, or other social
media. Many talk about the hot items of the day and do not mention those dangers to our society
that are advancing behind the scenes. Diversionary tactics are not new to government. Don’t
be fooled. Don’t listen to promises or statements that all is okay from anyone. Do the research
and find out the truth for yourselves. Spread the word and advise your readers to do the
research themselves so that they have no doubt in what they learn.

God Bless America!
Joseph D. Hollinger

This State Just Told Common Core To Shove It!

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