Every state should have total control over its education
program and should provide all funds needed to carry
it out. Parental input and participation through out all
decision making is a must.

Public servants work for the people, that’s us! Do not
let them forget it. We must regain control of our
country before we are enslaved by the tyranny of government
run amok with power, influence and money.

How did they get it? By staying in office longer than one term.

No Federal Intervention in Education
No Federal Money related to Education
Education is a state and local issue, no Federal involvement!!

Charter School Program Expansion–Passage – Vote Passed
(360-45, 27 Not Voting)

The House passed a bill to require the Education secretary to
consolidate the federal Charter Schools Program, which gives
grants to states to open charter schools, and the Charter School
Credit Enhancement Program, which assists schools in acquiring
better credit terms for facilities, into one program, and direct a
certain percentage of funds into national charter school
management activities.

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO 4th) voted YES

When government passes a law to interfere with something that
has state jurisdiction they usually intend to use it to gain control
over the state in one way or another.

All Federal Money comes with strings attached to the behinds of
those that use the money. The FedGovt will take advantage of
that connection for leverage at some point in time to get what
it wants and we may not wish to provide.

Every state must learn to live within its own resources and stop
taking anything from our central govt. Ties must be severed so
each state can stand tall and independently. This will also serve
to weaken the central government.

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