Rep. Hartzler: The Devil is Coming At Us From All Sides and Wears the Masks of Political Ideologists – Stop Him in 2014

Dear Representative Hartzler,

I want to know when you are going to start making aggressive moves to stop attacks on our constitutional rights. I am getting sick and tired of you and others of your ilk appearing to be acting to do what you want done instead of doing what the people tell you they want done.

You work for us, the people, not the Republican Party, the House of Representatives, the Speaker of the House, or special interests groups. Remember that, always.

You are in office to do the will of the People. Your job is to find a way to get what we want done, done and keep us informed of what you are doing and how you are doing it.

We, the People, have given you the power to manage the government of the United States in our stead as we are far too many and too widely spread out to manage it ourselves. That is why we have consented to your speaking for us, and only saying what we want you to say to get done what we, the People want done.

Also, the Constitution does not provide for term limits on the service of Senators and Representatives because their use of “Shall” to define the length of the one term each is to serve.

An example, “Amendment XX, Section I. The terms of the President and the VIce President “shall end” at noon on the 20th day of January, and the terms of Senators and Representatives at noon on the 3d day of January, of the years in which such terms would have ended if this article had no been ratified, and the TERMS OF THEIR SUCCESSORS “shall then begin.”

Liberties have been take by those wishing to remain in office longer than the one allotted term, by using the tenancy of the majority of voters to believe in those they elect, thus failing to monitor each and every act, deed, and/or word spoken by party leadership and those serving and their failure to prevent anyone from running for a second term. Most Americans use to trust in those they elected and believed the promises made to them during campaigns.

Those days are over. No-one in their right mind will believe anything that the leadership of either party does or says from now on, and campaign promises will be considered as so much bull from this point forward. The only people that should be reelected are those that always demonstrate, by word and deed, that they honor their oaths of office and do work to preserve, protect and
defend the Constitution….ALWAYS.

The only thing, and I mean the only thing, you and the rest of Congress should be doing at this point is stopping the Obama agenda at all costs. You are no more, or less of a civil servant than are the members of our military. You are expected to take what ever risks and expend whatever energy is necessary to stop the destruction of the United States and the elimination of freedom. That includes the risk of losing your life in the service of your country and those Americans that you represent.

Stop messing around looking for jobs for this special interest group or that or perpetuating Fort Wood, What good is all of the rhetoric if the country is destroyed. All that stuff can be done when you have eliminated the danger of destruction of our Republic.

Stop doing everything but acting to stop Obama and the rich, elite progressives that have taken over party leadership and leadership in the Senate and the House. The only they that concerns them is the perpetuation of their positions so they can continue to wield power and control over Americans and keep filling their bank accounts.

Money is the root of all evil and the quest for riches has destroyed our economy and polluted our government and it needs to stop in 2014. One term is all that anyone is supposed to have. When that term is served the Framers intended for public servants to return home and take up the lives they left in order to serve.

The Framers knew that men are weak and that when they are
exposed to temptations over time they will eventually fall to those temptations. Especially when their are no penalties for taking advantage of them. That is why one term is all that was intended. And, because of so many serving for so long, we have lost the strict, controlled, and efficient form of government the Framers provided us.

Those most responsible for the failure of our system of government are those to whom it belongs, The People. They have been led down the road to complacency by decades of politicians having agenda that would not have been supported if the People had
stayed on top of things and everyone performed their civic duty to participate in management of their country at all levels of governments.

Wake up America. The devil has many faces and he is coming
at us from all sides.

Joseph D. Hollinger
God Bless America!

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3 Responses to Rep. Hartzler: The Devil is Coming At Us From All Sides and Wears the Masks of Political Ideologists – Stop Him in 2014

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