Show BIG OIL We Won’t Be Bullied. Here is How You Can Do Your Part.

Here is our chance to expose the gross profit taking by Big Oil after which we can work
on busting their monopoly on oil and derivative products. They are guilty of price fixing
and collaborating while doing so. This is illegal and immoral putting profits before
patriotism and the common good.

If you think they are not price fixing look at the price on every gas station you pass. The
prices are all the same except for some rogue/Mom and Pop station here and there. No
two companies have the same costs for doing business. Logically speaking then, no two
companies could afford to sell their identical products for the exact same prices.

They have driven small refiners out of business by trying to make them sell their products
for the same prices as big oil. That doesn’t level the playing field. It prevents the little
guy from selling at lower prices in order to attract business and enable them to succeed
in their business.

This domination of the oil and gas industry must stop. Each company must operate as
an individual entity with their own set of books which, when audited, show their costs
and justify the price they are charging.

Their rational for their pricing structure is absurd. They have gotten government subsidies
for developing better products and better production processes and facilities. Yet, no new
refineries have been built in decades. There is no reason that each of the big oil companies
could no build several new refineries using the latest and greatest technologies and producing
their products at lower prices.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Maybe we should nationalize oil and gas
production leaving the industry to do the work at prices set by the People through a
method determined by a ballot initiative.

God Bless America and Our Way of Life!

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