Dump The Stock Market and Bring Back Jobs


Joe Hollinger It

will take far more than reducing taxes to improve the number of jobs
available for American workers. The companies that would hire workers and grow
are the same companies that will not take risks of doing something new/bold unless
they can be sure that their bottom lines are not affected negatively. This is what has
got to change.

Profits will come if companies produce great products from great materials that
provide the buyer with a great product that will perform its intended purpose with
little or no problems over more than the expected life cycle. No-one in business
appears to give on hoot about the quality of their products or about offering them
for a fair price to their customer base. ALL that is important to them is ever increasing
profits; being able to show their stock holders that they can make them good returns
on their investments in the company.

Companies are driven to risk their product quality and relationships with customers
in order to keep showing profits for investors. Do you know what investors are?
They are parasites that have more money than they know what to do with and
want to make more without getting their hands dirty. Investors have no sweat
equity in the products and/or services the companies in which they invest so if
there are no profits made they pull out their money and move on to another
company, leaving the one they deserted to crumble and fail.

Excessive focus on profits that are absolutely in excess of what is reasonable and
customary for specific types of companies is what has caused job losses. Another
thing causing the loss of large numbers of jobs is the use of robots and mechanization
to replace workers and increase profits. We need to get rid of the mechanization and
put people back in the production processes that made our country great. What
good is being in business making products that no-one in your country has enough
money to buy?

Foreign markets are getting more unstable by the day. Who are companies going to
sell to if the foreign markets collapse and all but the rich progressive elites in
America are destitute and on the public dole? Get rid of the stock market. Do
financing through local banks. Save at local banks. Get rid of mechanization. Hire
workers at a fair wage. Encourage workers to learn and do better. Make our entire
system of education at all levels free and let the needs of industry/business drive
the curriculum taught. Treat those capable of achieving advance degrees and doing
great things as special and support their successes.

There is no reason that health care cannot also be free to everyone without
restrictions or covenants and with doctors receiving incomes befitting of their
expertise and with little or no concerns about the cost of no fault insurance.

It will take hard choices and we may all have to pay a little more but with significant
changes in the way the People manage their country, and far, far less government and
no more career politicians.

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