Are atheists really the ones behind attacks on the Cross and all things,religious and related to freedom and liberty?

Are atheists really the ones behind attacks on the Cross and all things
religious and related to freedom and liberty?

Is the ACLU really fighting for what is right according to the Constitution?

Who/What is behind the constant attacks on the Constitution and all
that it provides for people from all around the World that make up
America’s citizenry?

Why are they attacking our way of life that has been gained through
the dedication, struggles and deaths of so many
people that have, and are fighting to save our country and preserve our
way of life for Americans and everyone that comes here legally to
find their American Dream?

The following statement made by the new Al Qaeda, the terrorist
organization that President Obama declared was “decimated” in his
2012 reelection campaign, has reappeared in a bold and defiant
way and is reiterating their call for attacks on the United States.

A cry of rage went out from ¬Nasir al-Wuhayshi, the newly crowned
prince of al Qaeda, at a recent large-scale meeting of the thriving
terrorist group: “We must eliminate the cross. The bearer of the
cross is America.”

You have previously heard them say that they are at war with “Satan”
and America is “Satan”. You have also heard that they call England
“Little Satan.” England has nearly been taken control of by Islam
and the English government following the “politically correct”
agenda despite the fact that it is allowing Muslims to gain control
through their constant bent on being “politically correct.”

If you listen to/watch Fox News you have noticed the tone of
discussion about Muslims and Islam are changing. Initially the tone
was to expose Muslims and Islam for the threat they represent to
America and Americans. Now we are hearing conversations that
talk about good Muslims and radicalized Muslims, good Muslim
citizens and Muslim brotherhood supporting Muslims, Muslims that
are good American citizens and Muslims that complain about their
children getting fliers in their school bags announcing that there
would be an Easter egg hunt at a local church.

There are Muslims that appear good. They will continue to appear
as such until Muslims make violent moves to disrupt and destroy
our country and take control from us. Then, any of them that appear
to support Americans and the American way of life will be killed
right along with other non-believers. Muslims/Islam does not
understand the meaning of “tolerance” when it comes to anyone or
anything that is not like them and living their way.

Please read the following and help support Matt Staver and Liberty
Council Action action to have Obama impeached for Treason as
soon as possible.

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