Nine States have collaborated in a plan to subvert the Electoral College; 22 states could decide elections results, 28 states votes wouldn’t be counted

Dick Morris: Democrats Conspiring to Rig Electoral College, Law Passed in 9 States So Far – Tea Part
(News Max) – A plan, now stealthily making its way through state legislatures with astonishing speed, would junk the Electoral College and award the presidency to…

Pay attention folks. If these butt wipes successfully use the under-the-table process they are using to circumvent the Constitution and destroy the Electoral College created by the Framers, in the Constitution, elections will be decided by popular vote. If elections are decided by popular vote then the top 22 states with the highest populations will be able to decide who wins leading to the votes of citizens in the remaining 28 states having no impact on elections results.

The privilege of casting a vote for those persons that you want to represent you and give voice to your concerns in Washington is a jewel that must be protected at all costs. Voting is the door to your participating in your government and having a voice in what does or does not happen.

If you, WE, lose the privilege to vote and have that vote count through the actions of a representative having the same concerns as WE do and who will represent us by voting in the Electoral College to elect the candidate of our choice, for us, we will have lost our country to those that can produce the highest number of popular votes in but a few states.

Should they succeed in this illegal and immoral attempt at subverting the process that is supposed to be used to determine the results of elections, democracy is lost and the loss of our freedom will follow.

It is much easier to dummy the vote in 22 states than it is in 50. Nine states have agreed to participate in this attack on the Constitution and the protections it provides us. That leaves 13 more states that have to sign up to violate the Constitution and create a system whereby they can manipulate vote counting to have the persons of their choice become the winners in all elections.

Those of us living in the remaining 28 states might as well live in some other country because we will no longer be able to influence the election of people we feel are qualified to represent us in the management of our country.

Does that sound like you will be living in a free country run by the People thereof? I’ll answer for you. NO.

Allowing these people to subvert the Constitution and destroy the established process for conducting elections will lead to their controlling your life and the lives of your children and grand children. You will see many, many more events like what is happening at the Bundy ranch in Nevada.

The issue at the Bunday ranch is not whether the Bundy’s owe for the use of the land or if they are trespassing on government lands, or, if some turtle that lives there is labeled as endangered while Federal agents are killing them off by the hundreds. What matters is the way the BLM has decided to us unnecessary force to drive the Bundys’s off of the land when there is a proper way of doing it through the courts.

Please do your part to make sure that your state does not participate in the Liberal plan to further subvert the Constitution and illegally change the way the voting process is conducted to a way that will enable them to manipulate the results much more easily than they can now.

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