THANK YOU!! and more from Lebanon, MO R-3

To Whom This Concerns,

Why is it that education is the responsibility of parents and the groups receiving your accolades
for hard work are: Thank you Lebanon educators and support staff! If I remember correctly there
were periods open for public comment during the preliminary planning for the new middle school.
Where are the accolades for the input received during those comment periods?

Why is it that you are eliminating the “People” from the final stages of planning the new school
and what it will or will not provide or include for the children of the citizens of our communities
who will by educated therein by other than Common Core Standards?

The Laclede County Board of Education is comprised of, and works for the citizens of Laclede
County. The Board is responsible for providing for the needs of the People of the county as
expressed by the People. The Board is not elected and formed to decide for citizens what their
children need in regards to education or facilities to support their attainment thereof. The Board
is to help insure that the county educational program is properly carried out and the best
results are obtained for the students and parents.

It is the responsibility of the Board and Lebanon Educators and Support Staff to provide
education that meets the expressed needs of the community. Not to make decisions for
community members and tell them what their children need. Acting this way shows that
you have a progressive Liberal ideology which believes that the government knows what
the People need because the People are not smart enough to decide what they need for
themselves. Get a life! It is your business to administer the provision of the education
citizens decide their children need.

I agree that people educated to teach who have years of experience to draw upon to enable
them define what type of facilities would be best for providing the education program
defined by the community have to be involved in planning. I have no definition of
“support staff” or the education related experience members thereof possess that could
enable them to be constructive contributors to the planning of a new facility. These people
would have to have the same, or better education and experience qualifications as the
educators. If they do not, they should not be involved.

Structural, plumbing, electrical, electronics, human engineering, traffic flow, etc. should be
qualities and capabilities possessed by the firm you select to finalize the design. No local
personnel should be needed for these concerns. You should hire a firm to provide
construction oversight to be sure all those things meet state and federal codes for
processes and materials. These people should provide reports of their findings to the
School Board who in turn should hold regular public meetings to involve the People
in the process and enable their input and comments.

The comments of the People must be considered for adoption and they cannot be an
explanation should be given as to why they cannot. Thus, the People are involved at
every step of the process and will be proud of the fruits of the labors of everyone involved.

God Bless You and America!

Joseph D. Hollinger

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