Louis Farrakhan says there will be no white people in U.S. by 2015, that they are all the devil.

Louis Farrakhan said in a film clip shown on Fox News Channel last night, that the white race must be destroyed because each is the devil. If not, he wants to see one that is not. He stated something to the tune of “show me one that is saintly”.

He is spouting his Islamic crap like he usually is doing. He did not look very far, if at all, for saintly white Americans. I do not know exactly what kind of proof he needs but there are millions of God-fearing white Americans that live their lives according to the teaching of Jesus Christ and the religious history contained in the Bible. There are many more that follow other than Christian beliefs that are equally as great and good living exemplary lives for their families and their communities.

The scary part is that he said that there will be no white people remaining after 2015. Take this along with Obama’s stated fear of an nuclear explosion over New York City plus the apparent nuclear arms race that seems to be accelerating in the Middle East and Iran continuing its determination to produce nuclear weapons of mass destruction and you have the seeds for strife that could well allow extreme violence in America. Violence carried out by the millions of illegal, and legal immigrants already in the United States that want to see freedom and the American way of life destroyed.

There are supposedly seven million Muslims already in the U.S. along with many millions more of other denominations and backgrounds that want to see our Constitution destroyed right along with those that believe in its provisions. Suppose one, or more nuclear explosions were detonated high over the U.S. causing electro-magnetic pulses (EMPs) that will wipe out electrical power and anything that is computer controlled no matter how its powered. How long could you and your family survive without any of the things electricity and computers make possible in your lives?

Add to that violent attacks by subversives taking place all over the country and spreading across the land like lava from a volcano, destroying every white person in sight? Men, older women and young children especially. Women and girls of breeding age would probably be kept as physical play things and breed cows for increasing the Muslim presence in the World. Remember, they want to have control over everyone in the World and they are fast at work moving towards that goal in countries all over the World right now.

I suggest that you watch what is going on in the World and take into consideration what could happen and prepare for survival. You will need to be able to survive for several months without electric, automobiles, propane or natural gas, food (from stores), water, weather conditions, medicines, vitamins, first aid supplies, and sanitation provisions (your toilet won’t work because there won’t be water in your pipes).

Read what happened in Russia and other countries when unilateral leaders wreaked havoc on the peoples of their own countries such as Russia, Germany, Italy, Cuba, Venezuela, China, and North Korea. You will not want to live like those folks had to live.

This is you country. You must defend it and those things you take for granted in your lives. No-one else will do it for you.

God Bless America!
Joe Hollinger

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