Has President Obama Committed Treason?

Has President Obama Committed Treason?.

This article shows that he has committed treason as defined within the Constitution.

If you have been watching Fox News clips lately you will have seen Obama accept a very expensive award in the shape of a necklace from a Saudi king.  This is not allowed in the Constitution either.

Please check out the above article.  Hopefully, we can pressure our Representatives in the House to start the impeachment process and our Senators to try Obama for treason and impeach him therefore.

If we want to save our country from its eventual demise through destruction of the Constitution and all that it provides us and has provided for all of those before us, WE have to get busy and dedicate a lot of time to the effort.

Louis Farrakhan said on a Fox News clip yesterday that all white people are the devil and that they must be destroyed.  He even made a statement that their will be no white people left in America as soon as 2015.  Louis Farrakhan is a radical Muslim leader from Chicago.  I am pretty sure he organized the Million Man March on Washington, D.C. some years back.  He is someone that very well could represent our worst nightmare if some catastrophic event with national impact occurs.

Perhaps you remember that Obama recently stated that his worst fear is the detonation of a nuclear device in New York City.  Do you think that would qualify as a catastrophic national event?  I think it would.

About a year back or so, a Muslim cleric, after leaving the White House, made a statement that is said to have included a similar statement to “when the call for Jihad comes, kill everyone white in sight; men, women, and children. Show no mercy.”

Now, have you heard of Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP).  If you had you know that EMP can be caused by violent storms on the Sun, or, by a nuclear air blast over the United States.  An EMP attack would destroy the functionality of all unprotected computer operated equipment.  That means that almost nothing in America would work.  No electric, no water, no food, no cars, no trucks, no TV, no cable or satellite signals, no weather forecasts, no calls for the police or fire departments, no nothing unless you have planned in advance and have hidden adequate food, water, medicine, first aid supplies, foul weather clothing for hot and cold conditions, hygiene supplies, vegetable seeds, hunting rifles, ammunition, knives, etc., for your own family. 

You can’t tell anyone anything because in such stressful times your neighbors could quickly become your worst enemies if they think you have something they need to survive.  The lives of you and your family will mean nothing to anyone when it comes to their survival.  Only the strong will survive.

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