What Connotations Does the Possibility Government Will Gain Control of All Water Bring to Your Mind

What Connotations Does the Possibility Government Will Gain Control of All
Water Bring to Your Mind?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
Department of the Army, Department of Defense have released a preliminary
Proposed Rule concerning “Waters of the United States” Under the Clean Water Act.

You can read the preliminary Proposed Rule by going here:

Excerpts from the following Pajama Media article:

EPA says about the Proposed Rule:

“We are clarifying protection for the upstream waters that are absolutely vital to
downstream communities,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “Clean water
is essential to every single American, from families who rely on safe places to swim
and healthy fish to eat, to farmers who need abundant and reliable sources of water
to grow their crops, to hunters and fishermen who depend on healthy waters for
recreation and their work, and to businesses that need a steady supply of water for

The EPA wants to cover “most” seasonal and rain-dependent streams, which account
for about 60 percent of stream miles in the country, arguing they have “a considerable
impact on the downstream waters.”

Wetlands “near rivers and streams” would be protected under the CWA, and “other
types of waters [that] may have more uncertain connections with downstream water
and protection will be evaluated through a case specific analysis of whether the
connection is or is not significant.”

Overall, the EPA states, a third of waters in the U.S. don’t meet Clean Water Act standards.
“The rule will not be finalized until the final version of this scientific assessment is
complete,” the EPA said, acknowledging that its draft review is still in progress.

“This could be the largest expansion ever of EPA’s authority to regulate private property.
It’s troubling that the Administration proposed this expansion before its independent
science advisers have had the chance to complete its review of the underlying science,”
Smith added. “The Obama administration continues to sidestep scientific integrity in
order to fast track an abusive regulatory agenda.”

“Today’s proposed water rule is yet another example of the Administration’s reckless
use of power,” Hultgren said. “EPA has predictably expanded their jurisdiction to include
nearly every body of water: ditches, wetlands, streams, flood plains and even ornamental
landscape features. Further, the rule is not based on science—they disregarded their own
Scientific Advisory Board and used limited and out-of-date information to analyze the
rule’s economic impact.”

You can go to “www.regulations.gov” and check for publication of the Proposed Rule
and its being open for public comment. The website provides help in preparing your
comment. You will want to comment on this Rule Making because it will have a major
impact on all of our lives.

This rule, if made, can well lead to total water control. Water is, like the air we breath,
part of our environment that we cannot do without. If the government is allowed to
control access to and use of air and water they have total control over us.

This attempt to micromanage our water resources under the pretext of protecting and
preventing contamination of drinking and irrigation water, is another example of growing
government and destruction of our right to enjoy our property and have the opportunities
to use it as we please and responsibly manage our ownership thereof. Making of this
rule will expand micromanagement of each of us by leaps and bounds.

The worst possible scenario is providing government, a non-entity, with more control
over the People to whom the United States belongs. Government exists because We
the People have given our consent to its existence. It exists only to manage the country
for us. We are too many and we are dispersed over a very large geographical area making
it impossible for each of us to directly participate in the management of our country.
Thus, we have given our consent to be governed by those we elect to do so following
the process given us by the Framers within the Constitution.

The Framers new well that men are weak and will eventually fall to the unprotected
temptations to which they will be exposed on an increasing frequency as the amount
of time in office grows. Yet, the Framers did not provide either a method to punish
offenders for unethical behavior, definitions for unethical behaviors, or penalties for
those behaviors.
Ever wonder why? Because they were so smart that they knew that changing times
would bring changing temptations and conditions under which they would exist.
Here is where we need to remember that our country belongs to us, those we elect
work for us, thus, if the people that work for us exhibit unethical behaviors it is up to
us to exact suitable punishments for what we identify as unethical behaviors.

Its high time that we address this issue and get the job done. It appears to me that
the best time to identify what we consider as unacceptable behavior by our elected
officials is at the time they are elected and before they are sworn in. They should
be required to sign a binding contract with the people of the State
in which they were elected
that identifies unacceptable behaviors, penalties
for them, and who is responsible for determining whether or not infractions have
occurred (without the involvement of lawyers or the courts) and who shall have the
power to exact punishment. One thing that must be is the role of the People in
making all related determinations. No power will be granted any one person or
small group of persons. All definitions, rules, punishments and decisions are to be
by the people through some sort of polling process which could be over the Internet
with proper security provisions that prevent alteration of data by anyone.

Please keep you eyes open for this proposed rule to be published in its final form
and then compose a comment about it and submit it. Here is a chance to stand
and be counted.

God Bless You and America,
Joe Hollinger

EPA Unveils ‘Largest Expansion’ of ‘Authority to Regulate Private Property’
By Bridget Johnson

The Environmental Protection Agency today unveiled its proposed rule to bring natural and man-made bodies of water big and tiny under the purview of the Clean Water Act, sparking accusations that the administration has embarked on an unprecedented breach of private property rights without scientific basis.
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