Missouri is Acting to Stop Common Core in Our State. Take a look at how well this is going.

I am sending this copy of an email I received today so that you can see that
participating in your government reaps rewards for you and the people of
Missouri. If all of the people that took part in the hearing on Common Core

SB 514 & SB 798 are bills against the adoption of Common Core Standards
in Missouri schools. Please note, that should those standards become adopted
there is no way out for the students and families of Missouri to ever get rid of

This is a serious effort and the results can be totally destroy our national
intelligence base for the future. Are you willing to be non-committal on this
subject and just sit back and watch as our great teachers be stifled and forbidden
from giving our children the education they have been trained to do.

These teachers have dedicated several years of their lives and have
personally paid for the education they received from accredited colleges and/or
universities to gain the skills determined by State and local boards of education
and citizens as necessary for imparting a well rounded education in our children,
our most valuable resource.

The company that developed the Common Core Standards would become the sole
determiners of what all the children in states that adopt their standards will learn.
That means they will have the power to aid/interfere with the ability of our children
to live successful lives and achieve great things for themselves and for our posterity.

Do you really want your children to be common and have skills that are standard
for all? Not me! If my grandchildren and great grandchildren have super learning
skills I want to see them on an unobstructed path towards as much success as they
can earn for themselves through their own hard work and dedication to the task.

I don’t want any body of any sort determining what will be taught to my kids
and my not having any voice in the matter.

Having a government backed organization dictate anything without the consent of
the governed is the way that countries with unilateral governments do things.
The United States does not, and must never have a unilateral form of government.

Join the fight and get rid of Common Core Standards. They are a bad idea just like
Obama and all that he has done and is doing to our country and our Constitution.

God Bless America
Joe Hollinger

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