Senator McCaskill, please don’t support relinquishing control of ICANN to the United Nations

Senator McCaskill,

Please do not support giving control of ICANN to an organization of the United Nations or any organization not of the United States.

Giving control of the Internet to anyone, or any country that does not share our freedom
of speech and have a Constitution as good and as strong as that enjoyed by the People of the United States will result in Americans losing our freedom of speech.

One of the most important aspects of the Internet is the free exchange of information
and opinions on just about anything you can imagine, especially on what our government
is doing. Included in the First Amendment is the freedom of the press which is, as far as
the Internet is concerned, the same as free and open discourse by citizens with friends
and government representatives generates discussion. This is good because it tends to
keep people almost honest. At least a lot more honest than they would be if there was no oversight at all.

Our government belongs to the People, not to government, a non-entity. Please help preserve the Constitution and keep our government as open and as honest as possible. Support keeping/renewing the contract with ICANN with America and maintaining an open and free Internet for the World and for our children.

Thank you and God Bless America!
Joseph D. Hollinger

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