Why aren’t you reporting on what is happening in Washington, D.C. with short updates on the missing Flight

I hope you are having a great day,

You have a very large audience that wants to keep up with the latest news on
everything we feel important. The focus of your show being nearly totally
on the missing airplane leaves big holes in the needs of your viewers.

What happened to the plane is important as far as the world of security
and safety are concerned and it will be great to learn what happened and
what is being done to prevent it from happening in the future. But, there
are far more important things to dwell upon.

Here is a topic about which very little, if anything, is being said on the news
or most anywhere else. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its numerous
iterations. Disguised to be a Free Trade Agreement it is, instead, a plan for
blending the governments and peoples of 12 nations into something like
the European Union, nullifying individual country control of their own

TPP has a similar intent to that of the creation of a North American Union (NAU)
between Canada, the United States and Mexico but on a much larger scale.
The SUPPOSED intent is to increase trade between the partners by the avoidance
of tariffs assessed on products of member countries but still assessing them on
non-member countries.

The hidden intent of the TPP is the part that will hurt us all. Obama, the Prime
Minister of Canada and the President of Mexico met in Mexico a few weeks ago
and are reported to have discussed discontinuing further work on developing
the North American Union (NAU) in order to concentrate on forming the TPP.

In order to get that ball rolling according to the Obama agenda, Obama has
nominated another radical leftist to further that goal; Robert Holleyman, to
help lead the TPP negotiations for the U.S.

“From: Eddie Geller, demandprogress.org

The Obama administration wants a former SOPA lobbyist to negotiate the TPP.
We can’t let that happen.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secretive international treaty that lets the
world’s most powerful corporations make a power grab for our resources at the
cost of our civil liberties. And now President Obama has nominated Robert
Holleyman, a former lobbyist for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), to help lead
the TPP negotiations for the U.S.

(Joe Hollinger NOTE: Obama/U.S. Dept of Commerce plan on letting the contract
with ICANN expire in 2015 and turn control of the Internet to the United Nations
at that time. This will lead to taxing of web addresses first and lead to the loss of our
Freedom of Speech to the control of Islamists and Communists. This explains why
efforts to enact SOPA have stopped and the push for enactment of TPP is being
accelerated. We cannot let this happen. http://www.rightwingnews.com/media/

Help us tell the US Senate not to let the salesman for an awful bill become the
architect of a monstrous treaty.

The TPP will have ruinous consequences for free speech on the Internet by
expanding already ridiculous copyright protections and laying the groundwork
for internet censorship. If confirmed by the Senate, Holleyman would be working
to ensure that these anti-free speech provisions are enshrined in the TPP for good.

Click here and urge the Senate to block this disastrous nomination.

We’ve done a good job slowing down the progress of the TPP, but we can’t let
up. By blocking Holleyman, we’ll not only keep this dangerous lobbyist away
from this trade agreement, we’ll also send a message to the architects of the
TPP that they are in for a fight.

Let’s send that message and continue that fight.”

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