Missouri Lawmakers Pulling a Quickie With a Misleading Bill Name: “Protecting the Second Amendment Act” STOP IT NOW!

Here is something you all had better check out and take action quickly.

I have gotten email “Will the Missouri Legislature Protect You From Obama Gun Grabs?”
from Campaign for Liberty and someone has gotten their wires crossed.

NRA-ILA says that the Missouri bill entitled “Protecting the Second Amendment Act” is
misleading in its title and does no such thing.

The anti-gunners in Missouri have really outdone themselves with House Bill 2129. Sponsored by state Representative Joshua Peters (D-76) and cosponsored by state Representatives Randy Dunn (D-23), Stacey Newman (D-87), Sharon Pace (D-74) and Tommie Pierson (D-66), HB 2129 might be one of the most extreme gun control measures introduced in the Show Me State this legislative session.

HB 2129 does nothing but penalize law-abiding gun owners. If enacted, HB 2129 would require the metropolitan police department of a city not within a county to develop and institute a surrender process in which the firearms prohibited in HB 2129 may be surrendered to the metropolitan police department. The metropolitan police department of a city not within a county would then have to hand over all firearms surrendered to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

I don’t know what is meant when they say that this bell is designed to concern “city not within a county” but that does not matter. The persecution of anyone in Missouri for having firearms of any type in their possession violates the
Constitution and this cannot be tolerated.

Check out the full article here and take action accordingly.

Missouri: Extreme Anti-Gun Bill Disguised as

“Protecting the Second Amendment Act”


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