British Schools Ban Pork To Avoid Offending Muslim Students, Replaced With Halal Meat. Political Correctness is at fault.

British Schools Ban Pork To Avoid Offending Muslim Students, Replaced With Halal Meat
Written By : Duane Lester
March 11, 2014

Halal meat is not considered safe to eat by many because the meat is not FDA inspected
or graded. As far as I know, based on my experiences having animals I raised slaughtered
and butchered, if the meat is not processed in an FDA inspected facility with an FDA
inspector on site, the meat cannot be sold. Each package is labeled “Not for Resale.”
Halal meat is from animals that are supposedly raised naturally without hormones or
any artificial substances in natural environments. The animals are killed with one cut
of a knife that is sharpened immediately before an animal is slaughtered and then again
afterward. The animal is taken away from other animals and its throat is slit after which
the animal is hung by the feet until it bleeds out. The blood cannot be used in Halal
foods. Halal meat cannot be from the hindquarter of an animal or be from a pig.
There are many reports of animals being killed and butchered in unsanitary conditions.
This is possible due to the lack of government control and supervision. If you are
tempted to try Halal meat you had better research the place your buying from and
the place that does the killing to verify the sanitary conditions.

The problem in England is much the same as we are experiencing in the U.S.
Political Correctness has nearly destroyed England and it is destroying America.
You aren’t seeing Muslims make too much stink yet because they haven’t reached numbers
where they will be catered too like we do with atheists and minorities. Political Correctness
is the fear (or intent) of saying or doing something that will anger someone and cause
them to make a public outcry about how they were abused or belittled. Those that most
fear public outcry are career politicians that have sold their soles to the devil so they can
stay in office and continue to enjoy power, influence, wealth and the power to rule over
the people and have the country function as they want it. This has lead to total disregard
for the Constitution and the rule of law. That is why we must not reelect anyone that
does not always honor their oath of office.

Political Correctness is used by those with negative agenda (Democrats) to either make
Christians look like fools (atheists burning crosses) and/or minorities taking everything
that is said as racist and aimed at them. Even things that have nothing to do with race.
They have found out that if they don’t like something and they scream about it being
racist, they can destroy what ever it is because of the reluctance of politicians for being
exposed as doing something some might call negative.

Its time the American people get some guts and start standing up and telling those
that bitch about how America is working, in accordance with the Constitution,
to shut the hell up and do what they are supposed to do or move to Mexico or
somewhere else. America belongs to Americans, There are established methods for
affecting changes to things that a majority of folks don’t like. All you have to do is get
the majority to go along with you and you have it made. Else, accept the fact that
what you want isn’t going to happen. That’s life, get over it.

England has fallen to Political Correctness allowing Muslims to gain positions of
influence which are allowing Muslims to take over England. The English people do
not speak up and complain because they do not want to upset anyone. Muslims
have no means of income, they live off of the people just like here in America.
Muslims are encouraged to breed like rabbits to increase their numbers in every
country they invade so that they can become the majority and take over.

The goal of Islam is to take over the World. IF you take a look at the news around
the World you will see Muslims gaining more and more influence in many countries:
England, Australia, Sweden, France and so on. There are more than 7 Million of
them in the U.S. and growing. Obama keeps appointing them to very high positions
in government where they can influence policy. Not good for America and Americans.
Obama is a Muslim and he is doing everything he can around the World to advance
their goals for World domination. Don’t be sure that Obama will be gone after the
2016 elections. He still has more than two years to destroy the Constitution and he
is working hard to get it done.

If you can’t get a majority to go along with you, you can either keep trying or just
accept the fact that what you want is not going to happen….PERIOD! Each of us is
free to do what we want as long as doing so does not prevent someone else from
enjoying their freedom. We must always remember that we need to practice
tolerance and understanding of the fact that each of us enjoys his/her freedoms
differently. We have no right to complain about how someone else exercises his/her
freedom unless an existing law is being broken. Atheists do not want to see a “cross”
anywhere because the sight, supposedly, upsets their stomachs and causes them
mental distress. Is Christian display of a cross to honor someone they want to
memorialize as a remembrance of the life/lives of those departed and infringement
on the freedom of atheists not to practice religion. No it does not. What we are
seeing is the lack of tolerance by a few of the rights of many to publicly display
their honoring of departed persons in a manner appropriate to their religion freely
chosen and exercised as allowed by the Constitution. The fact that radical groups
such as the ACLU and the Southern Baptist Coalition are taking away first amendment
rights of many in order to feed the lack of tolerance for our demonstration of honor
to those that have passed. “May God Bless Their Soul(s)!”

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