Medicaid, suggestion concerning adding a copay fee

Representative Barnes,

I think that anyone receiving Medicaid should be part owner in the process. What I mean is that in order to receive services paid for by the taxpayers of Missouri a per person, per visit fee should be required, similar to a copay.

For example, a $5.00 copay per person, per visit to a facility offering medical services, and for each separately billed medical service would prevent frivolous trips for services when there is no real medical emergency or necessity.

Runny noses and diaper rashes can be cared for at home. There is information available for anyone that looks for it that gives instructions and products for use to resolve most non-critical medical symptoms. The same is true for minor burns, bumped knees, road rashes, diarrhea, muscle aches, coughs, yeast infections and the like. Most people can go most of their lives without trips to the doctor except for annual checkups and routine preventative testing.

There is no reason why those needing assistance with the cost of medical care can’t look for resolutions that can be applied at home at no cost to taxpayers. When they do need to go for medical care they should have to pay a fee like that which I described above.

A trip to the hospital for a mother and three children would require a copay, in advance, in cash of $20.00. If test are ordered for two of the children at additional costs then another $10.00 cash would be required. Total cost out of pocket for the trip for medical services would be $30.00. Pretty inexpensive when the cost for the visit for one person billed to Medicaid would be about $96.00.

Those using Medicaid will complain but they will use less medical services and learn to care for their health and that of family members and be more involved in their family when they have to think twice before running to the emergency room for free medical care.

Those on public assistance must be made to be process owners and appreciate what they are getting and what it costs for them to receive assistance.

Thank you for reading my suggestion. I hope you will consider reforming Medicaid to make recipients process owners and thereby share in the costs of the services they receive.

God Bless America!
Joseph D. Hollinger
17635 Kansas Road
Eldridge, MO 65463

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