Social Security, Where the Money is Going: Totalization Agreements

I have noticed many complaining about our Social Security benefits being
taken to provide for illegal settlers in the U.S. Giving U.S. taxpayers monies
to foreign countries to support those that need help has been going on
since Jimmy Carter was in office.

According to the following article, our funds are being drained off to the
tune of some $3 Trillion a year at the present time. I doubt this all comes
from Social Security. Point is, our tax money that is collected for the benefit
of those that pay it, not redistributed to the non-producers of the World.

Some how, American are being penalized for developing far beyond what
other countries have been able to achieve. No-one gave us money or
distributions of the achievements of their citizens. Americans built what
we had through determination, study, and hard work.

Thanks to the Framers of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence,
our ability to achieve great things is based in freedom and liberty given us in
these great documents. No leaders have come forward in other countries
whose concerns are for their peoples first and above all else. This is what
has set America above all others, the previously unhindered freedom to
succeed and achieve the American Dream.

American children will soon no longer be able to dream, let alone achieve
great things based on their own hard work and dedication to succeeding.
Common Core Standards are designed to make all children common in their
learned abilities and those abilities will be limited to suit the designs of
the planned end uses for those with them. Factory worker types.

Please read the following article discussing U.S. Totalization Agreements
providing U.S. money to support social programs in other countries.

USA traitors have created the Social

Security Totalization schemes

Posted on March 4, 2013 by JJ Camp

by Mark W Lowry

Carter ,Bush1, Bush2, and Obama have all worked to create a One World Government.

Did anyone ask Americans if they wanted a Global Government??? Carter was first
President to sign totalization agreement in 1978 and future Globalist Presidents have
secretly turned our country over to it. Our corrupt traitor elected officials are blaming
hardworking Mainstream American Citizens for the Social Security Insurance trust
going bust. The tragic destruction of the USA is the result of global government
funding by our government and is not the responsibility of its citizens.
The traitors
need to take credit for their hard work to create the global government under control
of the international moneyed families and their closely held global corporations.

That is what has bankrupted USA Social Security. The lie about a decrease in USA
workers is a lie.
Older workers are working much longer now because Social Security
Benefits are not enough to live on. The elderly are taking jobs the teens used to take.

The illegals sit on their — and draw the money. Many of them in the nation they
came from. They only have to be here for a year and half to get benefits sent to Mexico
( totalization agreement with Mexico) or any other country with a totalization
agreement and pick up their dependent families as beneficiaries too. Chain migration,
and the preposterous anchor babies of foreign citizens along with tourist-birth babies
that provide citizenship status and Social Security benefits to people around the
world under Totalization agreements has destroyed the USA financially, socially and

The goose that laid the golden egg for multinationals is dying an agonizing death.
There is no blood left in the USA turnip. Totalization agreements designed to provide
multinationals with more profit are failures for the USA

Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 10:43 AM Subject: $2 trillion paid to foreigners in USA not
discussed in pseudo debt debate. Additional global governance $trillions costs not
To: The massive expense of welfare payments to illegal foreign mercenaries
on our soil is the key to our indebtedness. USA traitors have created the Social
Security Totalization schemes
where we pay for Social Security Benefits now for
workers from 21 nations.

We also pay for most of Mexico’s Social Security benefits. The annual expense was
only $2.6 billion in 2002 to a reported 418,000 foreign beneficiaries outside the USA.
Ten years later that amount sent to foreign nations must be well over $3 trillion a

The annual Federal debt is $14 trillion. There is a minimum federal expenditure of
$2 trillion for all federal expenses related to housing, feeding, and protecting illegals
and “legal” foreign citizens in the USA. Some comes from pseudo refugee programs
and other open door programs that permit over 4 million people to enter the country
each year legally. Another 4 million or so enter illegally.

The USA is permitting an invasion of over 8 million people each year to assure our
nation is demographically destroyed. This enormous growth in illegal and legal
residents as well as foreign citizens who are now provided USA welfare and Social
Security benefits can not be sustained under any situation
. The growth in
beneficiaries is documented here:
Note these numbers only reflect the primary beneficiaries and not all the
dependent beneficiaries. For instance, one eligible illegal may have 10 children
getting benefits.
The 56 million number of beneficiaries now is a low estimate but
reflects a 100 percent increase since 1970 when Carter started the Totalization
Agreements. Cost increases after the 1983 Reagan Amnesty were dramatic.

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