The Department of Defense works for the People. Are they an avenue for saving the U.S.?

Have you ever considered contacting members of OUR Department of Defense and telling them
what you think should be done by them to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution
from the enemy we have within our government?

Perhaps you should seriously consider doing so. Every one of the people working for OUR
government has to take an oath of office like the one each and every public servant takes and
the folks working for DoD do as well.

I think that those folks in DoD will be glad to hear from the People and know first had what
we are thinking about what they do. I am sure they would welcome our input.

Do you think that our military should be watching what is going on in Washington, D.C. and
stay on top of things concerning the health of the Constitution and how closely those in
government are adhering to its dictates, or not? I do. I also think that the military should
not put the possible need for them to take control of the government and oust those in
control and temporarily install an interim government until special elections can be
held to install new public servants to represent the People in strict accordance with the
Constitution, the basis of our system of laws.

I want our military to be prepared to take over and for plans to do so to be in place
and ready for implementation when it is clear that those elected to serve the people
have lost their way and are taking our country in a direction never intended by the
Framers or by the people.

The Framers new very well that men are weak and will eventually fall to the temptations
to which they are exposed while serving the people in high office. That when they fall
they will care only about continuing their time in office so they can stay powerful,
influential, and wealthy. That they will become of a progressive frame of mind and
actually feel entitled to be where they are due to their high position and through that
their qualification to control the rest of us because we are too stupid to know what is
good for the country and for ourselves. Well, its time to let them know that we are
not too stupid and that we do know what is good for us and good for the country.

Think about it! Do you think our military should always be on standby to take control
of our government when we, the People let them know in sufficient numbers to
eliminate any doubt we are serious, that our government has run amok and is out of
control? I seriously think this is an option we cannot ignore. No-one else seems willing
to do the right thing. Neither the Congress nor the Supreme Court are willing to stand
up and do the right thing by us through exercising their duties under the system of
checks and balances to bring the Administrative Branch back in line with the Constitution
should it wonder off course. HELLO, if it is not of course now what will it take for
them to find it so, a World War?

The website for contacting the folks at DoD is:
and the content is loosely represented below. Give it a shot. We have everything to
lose by not taking advantage of all avenues available to us.

Contact the Department of Defense

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