List of Article Titles Shows America’s Probable Future Unless Citizens Act Now

I have provided a list of articles titles/links from I highlighted the titles in red so you
can see them easily. Please pay attention to the subjects in the titles and note the progression of severity
in the events working up from the bottom of the list. I hope you realize that if we Americans do not get
off of our asses damn fast, those titles will change to include Obama and United States. Do you really want
to end up slaves to the State and live in abject poverty while the government controls and takes everything
you have for itself under the guise of giving it to others. Check out the film “1946 Film Proves That Despotism
Has Taken Over America” on YouTube.

Is the following title a sign of a similar chain of events to those above, concerning Venezuela, starting in America?
I think that if you go back through the Obama era and check headlines you will find a similar list, to a point. How much further, are we Americans going to let this go before we start demonstrating our total rejection of Obama and what he is doing to the Constitution that he swore he would preserve, protect and defend? If we don’t get really vocal and insistent we are going to lose our country and our freedom. If we do, what happens in America will be far worse than what is happening in Venezuela and South America. Are you ready for poverty? Are you ready to do without milk and toilet paper? Tell Congress loudly and repeatedly how angry you are. Don’t let up on them. Call and contact them so often that they can’t help but get the idea. Have all of your friends and family do the same.

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