Will Russia’s Recent Move on Croatia be the National Emergency Obama Needs to Exact Martial Law in America?

I just posted the following on Governor Scott Walker’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/scottwalkerforgovernor).

Keep up the great work you are doing. I support your methods and your successes. Please don’t abandon Wisconsin for a move to Washington, D.C. because if you do your successor may not have the talent and resources that are yours. We wouldn’t want to see Wisconsin move backwards during this time when conservative principles are under attack.

Our country needs great governors to keep up our countries strengths and
grow our potential to reality. The fight for the White House, if it is still open for a new occupant at that time, will be cut throat and viscous with the
Liberal Socialist progressive elites pulling out all the stops, legal and illegal to keep a Liberal in office. They cannot afford to lose the advancements that have been made towards destroying American society and reducing her to a third world country for use by those that have been working diligently for decades to do.

America must fall. Americans must be reduced to the level of slaves with no rights in property or freedom. Until America falls, and is no longer the shining star that the peoples of oppressed lands look up to for hope, their is no chance for a One World Government and the New World Order.

Obama is advancing the plans of those pulling his strings at an alarming rate. He has recently met with the President of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada and their talks surely included advancing the formation of the North American Union eliminating the borders between the countries and creating one society with one currency.

Is Obama working with Putin to create a national emergency that Obama can say is significant enough to invoke the powers given him by George W. Bush in 2007? Bush issued a National Security Presidential Directive 51, Continuity of Government and signed it in April, 2007. Many have read this document and its sister document Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20 and through interpretation of the political speak in which it is written, let alone the most confusing and frequent cross referencing of the various and many paragraphs within the document time after time after time, and have come up with interpretations which show these documents empower the sitting president, upon of his/her declaration that a National Emergency exists anywhere in the World that he/she thinks has the potential for causing harm to America and Americans at home, to take over as unilateral leader, disband the Supreme Court and send the Congress home.

These documents have several appendices that are secret, except for the first one. To the best of my recollections, not even members of Congress know what is in them. You will find the text of NPSD51/HSPD20 by following this link: http://www.fas.org/irp/offdocs/nspd/nspd-51.htm.

I hope you will read this document and search out comments thereon and decide if you think there is a threat hiding therein. Should you find there is, I hope you will make your thoughts public.

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