Obama is Working Feverishly to Turn the U.S. into Part of the North American Union, Trans Pacific Partnership, Under the U.N.

Obama is Working Feverishly to Turn the U.S. into Part of the North
American Union, Trans Pacific Partnership, Under the U.N.

If reading this does not make you catch your breath and increase your heart rate,
nothing will. After reading it I almost feel as if our asses are grass. I also fear that
their may be a violent revolution in America when our citizens realize the degree
of progress that has been made towards Obama’s promise to change America
into something we will not recognize when he is done. I don’t want him to
realize fruition of his agenda. I want him to fail right along with all of those
subversive organizations with whom he is working to take away freedom and
liberty from America and the rest of the World.

Read this and you will see where Obama is taking America. You will learn of the
secret agreements and secret organizations that are taking us towards Feudalism
and enslavement. You will see that those who warned you that the North American
Union is not dead (me for one) are right. It is alive and well and Obama just had a
meeting on the subject in Mexico with its leader and the Prime Minister from Canada.
A common government, economy, and society are planned. Our Republic’s demise is
planned and being put into action at this moment. With it will die our Constitution
and all that it has afforded Americans for over 200 years. Not only Americans, but
all of the peoples of the World that want to experience the American Dream will never
realize their dreams.

Obama’s recent announcement that our military might will be reduced by some
90,000 troops (Army). Not only will personnel numbers be reduced. The threat that
they represent to oppression and tyranny from outside sources will be severely
diminished. People from New Zealand are already dismayed at the thought of what
our falling from power will mean to them.

They are close to China and Russia and with the U.S. no longer able to handle conflicts
in more than one place at a time, they will be susceptible to domination by one, or
both of those countries as will be other Asian Rim countries like Japan. Japan is
involved in the plans for the Pacific Rim organization that Obama is helping to build,


The ball is in our court, what are we going to do with it?

I sincerely hope that you will send this to everyone that you can and ask them to do
the same. We have to make as much light of this information as possible. We have
to force this into the spotlight and make Obama handle it right now. Hopefully, what
is going on will not pass the newspaper test and there will be a public outcry like none
that has ever happened in America.

Please help get the word out and get everyone involved.

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Obama Presses “North American Union” With Mexico, Canada

Written by William F. Jasper

President Obama’s February 19 meeting in Toluca, Mexico, with Canadian Prime
Minister Stephen Harper (right) and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto (center)
did not produce any big, headline-grabbing breakthroughs, but that does not mean
that it didn’t lay new ground for political and economic integration of the three
nations. In fact, in their Joint Statement issued at the conclusion of the summit, the
three leaders affirmed their commitment to a number of initiatives, many of which
are already far developed, including approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP),
the “trade” agreement that is stirring widespread opposition in all three countries.

The controversial TPP is evoking broad-spectrum hostility particularly because of the
total secrecy under which it has been crafted; while the American public and even
the U.S. Congress have been kept from seeing the text, privileged corporations and
NGOs have been given full access to the negotiated documents. The portions of the
agreement that have been publicly leaked have confirmed that it poses a serious threat
to national sovereignty, both from international institutions (such as the United Nations
and the WTO) as well as multi-national corporations. The Joint Statement unequivocally
endorses the TPP, declaring:

We seek to set new standards for global trade through the prompt conclusion of a
high standard, ambitious, and comprehensive Trans-Pacific Partnership.

This is similar to the language of the Joint Statement issued by Obama, Harper, and
then-President of Mexico Felipe Calderon at the 2012 Summit of North American
Leaders, which declared:

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) provides an opportunity to further deepen our
trade relationship and create jobs. The United States welcomes Canada’s and
Mexico’s interest in joining the TPP as ambitious partners.

The TPP is an attempt to forge a supranational government for the nations of the
Pacific Rim modeled after the European Union. There are currently 12 members of
the TPP: United States, Mexico, Canada Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, New
Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Japan.

The TPP represents the latest attempt of the globalists in the Washington ruling elite to
greatly expand the power and reach of 20-year-old NAFTA, the North American Free
Trade Agreement. Following the example of the European Union, they are pursuing a
twin path of “broadening and deepening.” Broadening refers to the process of adding
new member nations; deepening refers to the process of greater and greater “integration”
and “harmonization,” the progressive convergence and intertwining of economic, political,
and social sectors of the individual countries into a regional government, over which the
citizens and their elected officials would have less and less control and accountability.
Eventually, the various supranational regional governments would be merged into a
world government under the United Nations, World Trade Organization, International
Monetary Fund, and other UN-related agencies.

Following the establishment of NAFTA in 1994, under the Clinton administration,
President George W. Bush attempted to deepen the U.S.-Canada-Mexico tri-national
region with the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), but public opposition spearheaded
by this publication, The John Birch Society, WorldNetDaily, Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum,
and other pro-independence, pro-Constitution groups, forced the Bush administration to
shelve the plan — temporarily — and drop the tainted SPP moniker. At the same time,
he Bush administration was pushing the broadening agenda, under the banner of the
Free Trade Area of the America’s (FTAA), an endeavor launched during the Clinton
administration to expand NAFTA to include all the nations of North and South America.
As with the SPP, an awakened electorate put sufficient heat on the U.S. Congress to
torpedo the FTAA. The subversive integration/merger plans that The New American had
been exposing for years were confirmed in 2011 with the release by WikiLeaks of U.S.
State Department cables showing that U.S. officials had been colluding with their Canadian
and Mexican counterparts to undermine our constitutional government through various
“integration” schemes. (See here and here.)

CFR Handprints on Every Page — No Surprise There

As with NAFTA and all of the other myriad “free trade” agreements that have flooded
out of the current Obama administration and the Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II
administrations, the actual fountainhead for the texts continues to be the Council on
Foreign Relations (CFR) and its allied think tanks and media spigots. Carla A. Hills, a top
CFR insider, is but one of the brain trust’s key operatives promoting the TPP. In testimony
on January 15, Hills laid out the CFR line on the TPP as a broadening-deepening upgrade
to NAFTA. Her statement before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee
on the Western Hemisphere, entitled,
“NAFTA at Twenty, Accomplishments, Challenges, and the Way Forward,” called for more
U.S. integration with Canada and Mexico, while moving forward with the TPP (of which
Mexico and Canada are already partners) and also bringing Canada and Mexico into the
Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) currently underway to merge the
United States and EU into a super-regional bloc. Hills, a co-chair of the CFR board of directors,
told the subcommittee:

In 2012 Mexico and Canada joined the United States and eight other nations to
negotiate a Trans-Pacific Partnership (“TPP”) to link the Asia and Pacific regions.
Having our two neighbors at the table will better enable us to take positions to
maintain and advance the unique competitiveness of the North American Region.
It also gives us an attractive opportunity to address issues that were not relevant
when the NAFTA was negotiated.…

It also provides an opportunity to harmonize a number of conflicting trade rules.…
Today there are eight existing bilateral trade agreements between the three NAFTA
governments and other TPP participants that were negotiated after the NAFTA came
into being…. These differences could be dealt with in the TPP agreement.

Then, on to the push for the TTIP. According to Hills:

Third and most importantly, a North American-European Union Trade Agreement.
Last year the United States and the European Union’s 28 states launched a
comprehensive Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (“T-TIP”). The third
round of negotiations occurred this past December.

Without question the T-TIP is a very big deal…. Failure to include Canada and
Mexico in T-TIP would erode the unique and hugely beneficial economic integration
that we have achieved with our two neighbors as a result of the NAFTA.

Carla Hills is one of the big movers and shakers in globalist circles. Besides being a
longtime CFR officer and current co-chair of the organization (along with Robert
Rubin, former U.S. treasury secretary and former co-chair of Goldman Sachs), she is
also chair and CEO of Hills & Company (her international consulting firm), a member
of the executive committees of the Trilateral Commission and the International
Crisis Group, and an attendee of the secretive Bilderberg Group meetings. The biography
for Hills on the official U.S. Department of State website dated March 12, 2012 says:

Over the past 25 years Mrs. Hills has served on a number of corporate boards of
directors. She currently serves on the International Boards of J.P. Morgan Chase,
Rolls Royce, and the Coca-Cola Company and is a member of the Board of Gilead
Sciences. Mrs. Hills is also actively involved with a number of eleemosynary
organizations, serving as Co-Chair of the Council on Foreign Relations, of the Inter
American Dialogue, and of the International Advisory Board of the Center for
Strategic and International Studies; Chair of the National Committee on U.S.-China
Relations, … among others.

Hills was also a member of the CFR’s high-powered Independent Task Force that
produced the 2005 report entitled Building a North American Community, a full-
throated call for continental merger. Robert Pastor (CFR member), frequently cited
as “the father of the North American Union,” was the principal co-chair of that task
force; he is the author of the 2001 book, Toward a North American Community, and
the 2011 book, The North American Idea: A Vision of a Continental Future, both of
which promote the CFR program of hemispheric integration. Pastor, who passed
away recently, gained infamy for subversive activities during the Carter administration,
working under national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, and also working closely
with the radical-Marxist Institute for Policy Studies (IPS).

Pastor and Carla Hills were also among the current and former U.S. officials that
attended a secret conference in Banff, Alberta, in 2006 to discuss continental
merger plans with foreign counterparts. The U.S. participants included Defense
Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of State George Shultz (CFR), former
Central Intelligence Agency Director R. James Woolsey (CFR), former Immigration
and Naturalization Services Director Doris Meissner (CFR), former Defense Secretary
William Perry (CFR), and others. Exposure of that secret meeting and the SPP stealth
agenda to surreptitiously carry forward the transnational merger in violation of
the U.S. Constitution, and without the knowledge and consent of the American
people, caused another firestorm that helped stop the SPP version of the NAU.

However, that did not mean “game over”; the globalists merely shifted gears,
changed their game-plan labels, and rotated in some new players. As we reported
concerning the Obama TTIP-TPP program:

Heading up Team Obama’s official TTIP effort is U.S. Trade Representative
Michael Froman (CFR), who is described in his official USTR bio as “President
Obama’s principal advisor, negotiator and spokesperson on international
trade and investment issues.” Froman’s chief deputy at USTR is Miriam
Sapiro (CFR). Leading the effort with Froman is undersecretary of state
for economic growth, energy, and the environment (and longtime Washington
insider) Robert D. Hormats (CFR). Froman and Hormats have been busy for
months lining up top-level support for TTIP in speeches before business,
banking, and industry groups. They are both Wall Street insiders. Froman
was a managing director at Citigroup, and also served as president and
chief executive officer of CitiInsurance before joining the Obama administration.
Hormats was vice chairman of Goldman Sachs International. Both men
were principals in massive corruption scandals (Froman in the bailout of
Citigroup, Hormats in PetroChina’s takeover of Sudan’s oil).

The late Admiral Chester Ward was a longtime CFR member who became
one of its most notable critics. According to Adm. Ward, the goal of the CFR’s
leaders is the “submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence
into an all-powerful one-world government.” James Perloff’s definitive book
on the CFR, The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and
the American Decline
, together with numerous articles in this magazine over
the years, has shown Admiral Ward’s evaluation of the organization to be spot-on.

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One Response to Obama is Working Feverishly to Turn the U.S. into Part of the North American Union, Trans Pacific Partnership, Under the U.N.

  1. Tony Mazza says:

    OBAMA’s END GAME REVEALED BY KGB – Communist Don’t take my word for it, hear it from their own mouth! Please don’t be a useful idiot, do your homework. I don’t mean any disrespect OK, Just listen what they have planed for us all !! Please click on the links …
    Episode 8
    Starring Yuri Bezmenov,
    Obama, John Kerry, Jim Wallis, Hillary & Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Nancy…
    Clicks on the links to learn what were up against.

    Don’t take my word for it … Hear it from their own mouth, Please don’t be one of the useful idiots, do your homework.
    FEMA Camps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Awg3ia8hLsw&feature=player_deta

    Being tolerant has made us seem to be foolish in the eyes of the elite. But we are on to their game. We need to take a stand, before we are finished. Watch the video, do your homework, and pass this information on to everyone you know.

    Play video
    Episode 8
    Starring Yuri Bezmenov,
    Obama, John Kerry, Jim Wallis, Hillary & Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Nancy…

    Please E-Mail (Forward ) to everyone, It’s easy !!! For all that America is and has given the world, is it to much to ask to keep your fellow Americans informed to spread the word ?? We don’t have much time.
    Agenda – Grinding America Down – Free Movie – How we got here.
    # 1 – http://vimeo.com/63749370
    # 2 – http://www.commieblaster.com/progressives/index.html Home page …. Unbelievable !!!! Seek the Truth – Check it out ….
    # 3 – http://www.commieblaster.com/obamacrimes/index.html#Anchor-2821

    U.S. Declaration of Independence
    “… Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, … when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    Like Yuri said: ‘It’s not James Bond… It’s all right out there in the open.

    ” Wake Up, America! They’re Running Our Country into the ground, and It’s Time to Get Rid of Them Now!
    It’s no joke !!
    I left a message on another web site, Stating that if Conn. State officials and news papers (Hartford Currant had the names and address of gun owners, wouldn’t it be fair to have theirs ??

    This was my response …. Check it out.

    Let’s get everyone’s Names and address for every State Official and News Papers, Maybe they’ll think Twice about coming after law abiding citizens.

    Names and address of Politicians

    Hartford Currant had the names and address of gun owners, wouldn’t it be fair to have theirs ??
    This was my response …. Check it out.
    Let’s get everyone’s Names and address for every State Official and News Papers, Maybe they’ll think Twice about coming after law abiding citizens.
    Names and address of Politicians

     Freedom Rider tmazzbo•an hour ago
    6 minutes ago
    Here are the addresses of the treasonous scum that passed the law!
    sorry O/T but you know me
    The state of Connecticut is making lists of firearm owners to raid.
    It seems obvious to me that it is thus only fair to list those
    anti-constitutional tyrants who will have blood on their hands the
    moment the first Connecticut citizen is shot by the CT state police
    while carrying out their orders.
    Freedom Rider (Guest):
    6 minutes ago
    Here are the addresses of the treasonous scum that passed the law!
    sorry O/T but you know me
    The state of Connecticut is making lists of firearm owners to raid.
    It seems obvious to me that it is thus only fair to list those
    anti-constitutional tyrants who will have blood on their hands the
    moment the first Connecticut citizen is shot by the CT state police
    while carrying out their orders.
    CT State Senators voting Yes on “An Act Concerning Gun Violence
    Prevention and Children’s Safety, also known as Public Law 13-3 or Connecticut Senate Bill No. 1160,” 3 April 2013. List includes home
    addresses. Photos and home phone numbers of these tyrants are available
    John W. Fonfara, 99 Montowese St., Hartford 06114-2841
    Eric D. Coleman, 77 Wintonbury Ave., Bloomfield 06002-2529
    Andrea Stillman, 5 Coolidge Ct., Waterford 06385-3309
    Gary LeBeau, 501 Canyon Ridge Dr., Broad Brook 06016-5602
    Kevin Kelly, 240 York St., Stratford 06615-7952
    Steve Cassano, 1109 Middle Tpke, E Manchester 06040-3703
    Anthony J. Musto, 15 Maymont Ln., Trumbull 06611-2111
    Beth Bye, 99 Outlook Ave., West Hartford 06119-1432
    Andres Ayala, PO Box 55106, Bridgeport 06610-5106
    Terry B. Gerratana, 674 Lincoln St., New Britain 06052-1833
    Michael A. McLachlan, 47 W Wooster St., Danbury 06810-7731
    Bob Duff, 50 Toilsome Ave., Norwalk 06851-2425
    Toni Boucher, 5 Wicks End Ln, Wilton 06897-2633
    Paul Doyle, 38 Thornbush Rd., Wethersfield 06109-3554
    Carlo Leone, 88 Houston Ter., Stamford 06902-4449
    Toni N. Harp (no longer in the Legislature, she is now the Mayor of New Haven, CT).
    John McKinney, 986 S Pine Creek Rd., Fairfield 06824-6348
    Martin M. Looney, 132 Fort Hale Rd., New Haven 06512-3630
    Donald E. Williams, Jr., 41 Malbone Ln., Brooklyn 06234-1563
    Edward Meyer, 407 Mulberry Point Rd., Guilford 06437-3204
    Dante Bartolomeo, 167 Reynolds Dr., Meriden 06450-2568
    Gayle Slossburg, 14 Honeysuckle Ln., Milford 06461-1671
    Joan V. Hartley, 206 Columbia Blvd., Waterbury 06710-1401
    Leonard Fasano, 7 Sycamore Ln., North Haven 06473-1283
    Joseph J. Crisco, Jr., 1205 Racebrook Rd., Woodbridge 06525-1822
    L. Scott Frantz, 123 Meadow Rd., Riverside 06878-2521
    CT House members voting Yes on “An Act Concerning Gun Violence
    Prevention and Children’s Safety, also known as Public Law 13-3 or
    Connecticut Senate Bill No. 1160,” 3 April 2013. Photos and home phone
    numbers of these tyrants are available here:http://www.cbia.com/ga/CT_Stat
    Catherine Abercrombie, 64 Parker Ave., Meriden 06450-5945
    Ernest Hewett, 29 Colman St., New London 06320-3558
    Peter Tercyak, 150 Belridge Rd., New Britain 06053-1008
    Brenda Kupchick, 85 Liberty St., Madison 06443-3258
    William Tong, 99 Chestnut Hill Rd., Stamford 06903-4030
    Gary Holder-Winfield, 480 Winchester Ave., New Haven 06511-1920
    James Albis, 369 Coe Ave., Apt 14, East Haven
    David Alexander, 277 Pearl St., Enfield 06082-4368
    Bryan Hurlburt (Stepped down to take a position with the USDA’s Farm Service Agency.)
    Diana Urban, 146 Babcock Rd., North Stonington 06359-1334
    Gail Lavielle, 109 Hickory Hill Rd., Wilton 06897-1135
    Claire Janowski, 263 Hany Ln., Vernon 06066-2740
    Edwin Vargas, 141 Douglas St., Hartford 06114-2422
    Angel Arce, 248 Franklin Ave., Hartford 06114-1841
    Susan Johnson, 120 Bolivia St., Willimantic 06226-2818
    Joe Verrengia, 160 Colonial St., West Hartford 06110-1814
    David Arconti, Jr., 141 Great Plain Rd., Danbury 06811-3844
    Tom Vicino, 92 Carter Hill Rd., Clinton 06413-1230
    Joe Aresimowicz, 248 Lower Ln., Berlin 06037-2231
    David Kiner, 5 Cranberry Hollow, Enfield 06082-2200
    Toni Walker, 1643 Ella T Grasso Blvd., New Haven 06511-2801
    Patricia Widlitz, 12 Island Bay Cir., Guilford 06437-3058
    Timothy Larson, 33 Gorman Pl., East Hartford 06108-1450
    Christina Ayala, 506 Brooks St., Bridgeport 06608-1303
    Terry Backer, 125 Jefferson St., Stratford 06615-7810
    Roland Lemar, 6 Eld St., New Haven 06511-3816
    Roberta Willis, PO Box 1733, 30 Upland Meadow Rd., Lakeville 06039-1733
    Tom O’Dea, 37 Holly Rd., New Canaan 06840-6406
    David Baram, 5 Warbler Cir., Bloomfield 06002-2233
    Matthew Lesser, 1160 S Main S.,t Apt 110, Middletown 06457-5034
    Christopher Wright, 35 Ruth St., Apt 49, Bristol 06010-3218
    Arthur O’Neill, 617 Bucks Hill Rd., Southbury 06488-1952
    Brian Becker, 14 Candlewood Dr., West Hartford 06117-1009
    Rick Lopes, 208 S Mountain Dr., New Britain 06052-1514
    Elissa Wright, 51 Pearl St., Groton 06340-5732
    Elizabeth “Betty” Boukus, Legislative Office Bldg., Rm 4017, Hartford 06106
    Geoff Luxenburg, 45 Chatham Dr., Manchester 06042-8522
    James Maroney, 22 Saranac Rd Milford 06461-9401
    Larry Butler, 70 Blackman Rd., Waterbury 06704-1203
    Juan Candelaria, 28 Arch St., New Haven 06519-1511
    Brandon McGee, 43 Warren St., Hartford 06120-2117
    Robert Megna, 40 Foxon Hill Rd., Unit 54, New Haven 06513-1166
    Charles “Don” Clemons, 130 Read St., Bridgeport 06607-2021
    Michelle Cook, 499 Charles St., Torrington 06790-3420
    Patricia Miller, 95 Liberty St., Apt A4, Stamford 06902-4732
    John Shaban, 29 Ledgewood Rd., Redding 06896-2916
    Bill Aman, 878 Strong Rd., South Windsor 06074-2006
    Philip Miller, 24 Bushy Hill Rd., Ivoryton 06442-1108
    Victor Cuevas, 17 Keefe St., Waterbur,y 06706-1616
    Mike D’Agostino, 575 Ridge Rd., Hamden 06517-2519
    Russ Morin, 495 Brimfield Rd., Wethersfield 06109-3209
    Richard Smith, 25 Jeremy Dr., New Fairfield 06812-2109
    Prasad Srinivasan, 268 Grandview Dr., Glastonbury 06033-3946
    Bruce Morris, 315 Ely Ave., Norwalk 06854-4619
    Stephen Dargan, 215 Beach St., West Haven 06516-6133
    Paul Davis, 335 Smith Farm Rd., Orange 06477-3127
    Ted Moukawsher, 48 W Elderkin Ave., Groton 06340-4933
    Mitch Bolinsky, 3 Wiley Ln., Newtown 06470-1812
    Stephen Walko, 7 Charter Oak Ln., Greenwich 06830-6911
    Mike Demicco, 6 Deborah Ln., Farmington 06032-3031
    Mary Mushinsky, 188 S Cherry St., Wallingford 06492-4016
    Patricia Dillon, 68 W Rock Ave., New Haven 06515-2221
    Sandy Nafis, 49 Whitewood Rd., Newington 06111-2133
    Larry Cafero, Jr., 6 Weed Ave., Norwalk 06850-2224
    Terrie Wood, 50 Saint Nicholas Rd., Darien 06820-2823
    Joe Diminico, 26 Finley St., Manchester 06040-5616
    David Yaccarino, 1804 Hartford Tpke., North Haven 06473-1248
    Elaine O’Brien, 1321 Hill St., Suffield 06078-1024
    Kim Fawcett, 234 Collingwood Ave., Fairfield 06825-1877
    Chris Perone, 8 E. Rocks Rd., Norwalk 06851-2919
    Christie Carpino, 29 Sovereign Rd., Cromwell 06416-1136
    Lonnie Reed, 60 Maple St., Apt. 44, Branford 06405-3562
    Andy Fleischmann, 25 Sherwood Rd., West Hartford 06117-2739
    Mae Flexer, 452 Main St., Danielson 06239-2104
    Emmett Riley, 150 Yantic St., Unit 160, Norwich 06360-4248
    Daniel Fox, 14 Carter Dr., Stamford 06902-7013
    Matt Ritter, 169 N Beacon St., Hartford 06105-2246
    J. Brendan Sharkey, 600 Mount Carmel Ave., Hamden 06518-1606
    Jason Rojas, 128 Langford Ln., East Hartford 06118-2369
    Gerald Fox, III, 66 Fairview Ave., Stamford 06902-8129
    Mary Fritz, 43 Grove St., Yalesville 06492-1606
    Livvy Floren, 210 Round Hill Rd., Greenwich 06831-3357
    Henry Genga, 5 Elaine Dr., East Hartford 06118-3515
    John Frey, 2 Copps Hill Rd., Ridgefield 06877-4013
    Linda Gentile, 158 Hodge Ave., Ansonia 06401-3236
    Robert Sanchez, 269 Washington St., New Britain 06051-1024
    Minnie Gonzalez, 97 Amity St., Hartford 06106-1001
    Ezequiel Santiago, 991 State St., Bridgeport 06605-1504
    Jeffrey Berger, 134 Gaylord Dr., Waterbury 06708-2181
    Auden Grogins, 155 Brewster St., Apt 5L, Bridgeport 06605-3111
    Hilda Santiago, 86 South Ave., Fl 3, Meriden 06451-7624
    DebraLee Hovey, 296 Fan Hill Rd., Monroe 06468-1329
    Bob Godfrey, 13 Stillman Ave., Danbury 06810-8007
    Antonio Guerrera, 194 Catherine Dr., Rocky Hill 06067-1096
    Brian Sear, 11 N Canterbury Rd., Canterbury 06331-1209
    Elizabeth Ritter, 24 Old Mill Rd., Quaker Hill 06375-1319
    Tony Hwang, PO Box 762, Fairfield 06824-0762
    Joseph Serra, PO Box 233, Middletown 06457-0233
    Gregg Haddad, 28 Storrs Heights Rd., Storrs Mansfield 06268-2322
    John Hampton, 33 West Mountain, Simsbury 06092
    Charlie Stallworth, 35 Wickliffe Cir., Bridgeport 06606-1929
    Themis Klarides, 23 East Ct., Derby 06418-2640
    Noreen Kokoruda, 85 Liberty St., Madison 06443-3258
    Jonathan Steinberg, 1 Bushy Ridge Rd., Westport 06880-2104
    Jack Hennessy, 556 Savoy St., Bridgeport 06606-4125
    9:33 p.m., Tuesday Feb. 25

    Lets get everyone’s Names and address for every State Official and News Papers, Maybe they’ll think Twice about coming after law abiding citizens



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