Obama Selects a Communist to the post of Senior Counsel at the National Security Council! Treason?

Isn’t there a law against admitting people into our country that openly advocate the
overthrow of our government? This guy represents everything the United States does
not, and does not want to, ever.

Where does Obama put this guy? Why as a senior counsel at the National Security
Council, no less. I wonder what kinds of great things he will do to prevent changes
to those things WE in America hold near and dear to our hearts? Say making it illegal
to be a conservative white male?

By appointing this proven Communist to an important, high security job in a very
critical department of our government Obama is committing treason, in my opinion.
This appointment must be considered as aiding and abetting the enemy.

Will you call your Senators and demand that this person not be vetted for this job?
Will you tell your Senators that Obama needs to be tried for treason by endangering
your country through installing a known enemy into an office where he can affect
changes to our lives and our society that will permanently change our lives from the
way we want them to be to something totally foreign and unappetizing?

I sure hope so! Contacting the Congress, is the place to go to get phone numbers for your
members of the Senate and the House. Here is the url in case the link doesn’t work.

Anti-Israel Figure Rejoins Obama White House

By Discover The Networks

His name is Robert Malley. His father was a confidante of Yasser Arafat and a
key figure in the Egyptian Communist Party. Over the years, Malley has penned
numerous op-eds condemning Israel and exonerating the Palestinians. Now he
will be a senior director at the National Security Council.

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Contacting the Congress

Latest Update to Contact Information:
February 24, 2014

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Online Directory for the 113th Congress

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Contacting the Congress is a very up-to-date citizen’s congressional directory for the 113th Congress. As of February 24, 2014

there are 536

electronic contact addresses (of which 535

are Web-based contact forms), and 536

home pages known for the 540 members of the 113th Congress. Traditional ground mail addresses are available for all current members of Congress.

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