The United States, Great Protector of Everyone in the World! Why? Not Provided For in the Constitution. Nation Building?

The United States Government is supposed to be small and not intrude upon the lives of
its citizens unless matters arise requiring a unified defense against a direct threat to our
rights, given us by the Creator, to life, liberty and property (changed to be pursuit of
happiness), amongst others.

The most important job of President is supposed to be enforcing our laws followed by
protecting our borders. Other than that he is to act as the face of America when
necessary to participate in relationships with foreign governments for the good of the

I do not support the government telling the people what will be done, when it will be
done, and how it will be done. I am totally appalled by the fact that the Administrative
Branch has totally run amok of the rule of law in total disregard for the Constitution and
the voices of the people. I have to insert this observation at this point. “When the
government fears the people there is freedom; when the people fear the government
there is tyranny and oppression.”

The Congress has lost all sense of right and wrong. None of members in either the
Republican or Democratic Parties honor their oaths and apparently have progressive
attitudes supporting their (dreaming) entitlement to the positions they hold and their
empowerment by a higher authority to control the lives of those less important than

The Judicial Branch has been so infused with members primarily implanted for their political
leanings instead of for their legal expertise and history of upholding the Constitution. Their
proven drive to enforce our laws in accordance with the Constitution, as it was written,
appears less important than allegiance to the party that appointed them to their chair.

Here is an example of how our government is taking control of our lives. No-one has empowered
government to make decisions for us or for other peoples of the World. There is no proof
that global warming exists. Scientist have totally different opinions on whether is exists
or not. There are no testing standards, methods and historical data from multiple sources
showing that the temperature of the Earth is getting warmer and staying warmer than
it has historically been known to be.

EPA Wood-Stove Proposal Prompts Rural Backlash

Sunday, 23 Feb 2014 03:49 PM

By Newsmax Wires


Wood stoves and fireplaces have been in use since before our country came to be.
There is no absolute proof that global warming exists and what threat it brings if it
is taking place. Until factors are identified as those that, when gathered over a significant
period of time by more than one group of qualified scientists, and definite absolute
standards are developed for use in recording those factors and for interpreting what the
data obtained means, nothing should be done by any government.

Government belongs to the people. Government exists to represent the needs of the
people who are too numerous and wide spread to conduct the business of government
themselves. Thus, the Framers provided a structure within which the people elect
others to speak for their interests. What these people say when they speak is supposed
to be aimed at using existing law to accomplish what their constituents have shown
they want to be done. Nowhere in the Constitution are they empowered to think on
their own and act without input from constituents.

I do not want to pay high carbon taxes as a penalty for the U.S. becoming a great
industrialized country providing citizens with exceptional standards of living for
those that worked hard. I especially don’t want to pay taxes to the United Nations
for anything, especially advancements made through the hard work of Americans.

The only people insistent on the existence of global warming and that bad
things will result if carbon emissions are not significantly reduced are those
with ambitions for a one World government that has total power over all the
peoples of the World. Obama is leading the parade.

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